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How does natural stone add flair to your home?

Text: Rajesh Bhandari, Director, A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd., Kishangarh

Natural stones are patterned, translucent, earthy and come with a decorative element that infuses luxury into the home’s décor. Its organic warmth, texture and fluidity make it an instant favourite with builders and homeowners alike. It blends outdoors and indoors, as it is available in different colours, patterns and textures. It comes in gloss and rough-hewn rusticity, making it a popular flooring choice. When combined with other materials, it creates a striking contrast with a mix of colour, lines and movement. For example, one would consider a buffed-finish stone mosaic border around a stainless steel backsplash.

One can customise natural stone as per the homeowner’s taste, such as marble. Formed by recrystallised carbonate minerals, marble is popular for its striations and veins. It is a versatile addition to all areas including kitchen countertops, furniture, walls, flooring and home accessories. Slate is a second favourite, and its naturally uneven surface lends dimension and movement to the backsplashes. Travertine is a secondary stone characterised by open channels and homes and is cut into smaller mosaic tiles for backsplashes. Being textured and uneven, its anti-slip qualities make it useful for foyers.

Instead of stone slabs, one can use stone tiles as well. Glossy surfaces reflect light and naturally illuminate the room, while matte finishes give texture. Antique-brushed or tumbled finishes reveal imperfections, especially if you want a distressed or rustic look. For a muted palette, choose grey, white and cream floors.