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Minimalist luxury for Ludhiana home

Photography: Inclined Studio

Ludhiana-based Planet Design and Associates has designed the Panjab House, which is a residential project that is situated slightly elevated above the neighbours. The compound imparts privacy and sweeping views of the space as directed by the structural orientation and window placement. Spread over 8400 sq. ft., the home is inspired by minimalist luxury, privacy serenity and a connection to the outdoors. The client wanted a home that was protected from harsh sunlight and heat.

The firm had to pair enclosed volumes with open areas to amplify spaciousness and luxury while maximising space, natural lighting, room integration and comfort. Built for a large family that held social gatherings and celebrations, the home was to accommodate guests and the comfort of a villa inside the city. A wooden deck at the entrance divides the areas between the formal and informal seating areas and displays a wooden log sourced from Himachal Pradesh.

The entire house remains connected to nature through floor-to-ceiling transparent windows, and the lobby is linked by glass connectors to add elegance. The dining room looks out onto the living area and kitchen with the open backyard as the backdrop. The exterior and interior walls are clad with tiles, fabric, Italian marble and veneer with steel detailing.