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Modular kitchens set to transform kitchen concepts in India

Text: Mr. Dhruv Trigunayat, CEO, Ultrafresh Modular Solutions Limited, Mumbai

Consumer preferences have experienced a drastic transformation in India over the years, which is influenced by changing socio-cultural factors, demand for international products and rising income. Millennials with high spending capabilities usually spend on international products to adapt to global trends, along with social media platforms that advertise global lifestyle, culture and trends. They are thus widely exposed to upcoming products and services in beauty and fashion, healthcare, home and interiors, technology and more.

Due to changing lifestyles, the home décor segment welcomes several international trends, especially in the modular kitchen area. Modern customers prefer a house with the in-built latest technology for better organisation, one finds that modular kitchens are now highly popular in Indian homes.

  • Implementation of futuristic technology

Smart modular kitchens are designed to accommodate the ever-changing lifestyle of millennials, who are constantly surrounded by high-tech technologies. They have high-tech appliances that can be controlled by smartphones, such as the chimneys running on built-in sensor technology, resulting in easy control and functionality.

  • Minimalistic designs

Modern kitchen designs are popular due to their flexibility, sustainability and minimalism. They use few but modern kitchen furniture and décor, which makes them spacious, sleek and easy to maintain. As today’s new-age homeowners prefer living in compact and stylish homes, they prefer minimalistic kitchens.

  • Use of sustainable material

Modular kitchen designs are now sustainable, as they are designed with eco–friendly materials. They feature colours and décor elements that are inspired by nature, along with including greenery through indoor plants, small vegetables and herbs. This draws the kitchen nearer to nature while adding freshness and brightness to the home.

  • Open kitchens

Open kitchens are now integrated into the living and dining areas, offering a single large room for loved ones to spend time together. As this comes with no doors, it allows spaces to flow into one another, thereby making the home look more spacious than it is.