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The power of innovation: discovering smart solutions for one’s bathroom

Text: Mr. Tirthankar Sarkar, Sr. Country Manager, VitrA Bathrooms India

In a world driven by innovation and technology, bathrooms are equally important to the transformative power of smart solutions. When it comes to reimagining the humble bathroom, VitrA Bathrooms stands at the forefront of innovation, offering products combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

VitrA strives to continuously innovate, creating new, purpose-led products and technologies. At the heart of VitrA lies the Innovation Centre, a creative hub for ambitious, forward-looking designers and engineers. The meeting of conceptual ideas through design, research, and technology has led to innovations such as the VitrA shower toilet V-Care, VitrA Rim-ex, and the VitrA range of smart products.

The VitrA V-Care, the pinnacle of smart WC technology is designed to elevate one’s personal hygiene and bathroom comfort to new heights. This creation merges the practicality of a toilet with the cleansing capabilities of a bidet, all packaged within a sleek and stylish WC that effortlessly integrates into any bathroom space.

Traditional WC designs have long been plagued by a hygiene issue – the hard-to-reach and challenging-to-clean rims, which can become breeding grounds for harmful germs. VitrA has addressed this concern with its revolutionary rimless WC pan technology. This design incorporates a smart water diverter, ensuring that every flush efficiently cleans the bowl. Plus, the diverter can be effortlessly removed for thorough cleaning, ensuring the bathroom remains a sanctuary of cleanliness.

With VitrA’s smart panels, one gains complete control over one’s WC experience. Whether one prefers hands-free convenience through voice commands or the ease of a mobile app, flushing remotely or automatically after use is now at their fingertips. Thus, it adds convenience to one’s daily routine, but it also allows for efficient water management thanks to the panel’s ability to regulate the water usage for each flush.

Thanks to the groundbreaking VitrA Hygiene technology, which is a unique glazing process that prevents the multiplication of germs, one enjoys superior hygiene and peace of mind. From washbasins to WCs, bidets to urinals, every product crafted with VitrA Hygiene technology ensures that cleanliness remains a constant companion throughout the lifetime of the product. Elevate one’s bathroom experience with VitrA, where innovation, style, and hygiene converge.

With just the push of a button, VitrA AquaControl creates a magical showering experience. The thermostatic mixer has been developed to ensure constant water temperature and to make sure that the shower experience is uninterrupted. The smart technology controls fluctuation in water pressure for a more comfortable experience. It is developed with the entire family in mind; the thermostatic bathroom mixers provide safe use for old and young alike thanks to a safety button that keeps water from reaching extreme temperatures. Choosing the VitrA AquaControl shower thermostat will bring the best of ingenious design technology into one’s bathroom.

The ever-changing development of smart technology is at the forefront of every mind across the globe and is quickly becoming a touchpoint in how we approach the modern world. Specially designed to work effortlessly alongside the continually evolving home, smart technology can create a bespoke bathroom experience that gives a counterbalance to the chaos of everyday life.