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Trending luxury interior design ideas

Text: Des. Hardesh Chawla, Principal, Essentia Environments, Gurugram

With the increasing demand for luxury homes, interior design styles are constantly evolving with different trends each day. Each decade has contributed to home decorating clichés, but only a select few have stood the test of time.

  • Neutral colors

A neutral color palette renders timeless sophistication to the interiors, as they reflect sunlight and visually expand spaces. It allows the furniture and accessories to add color, interest, and drama to the area. For instance, a colorful gouache painting on a neutral wall does wonders. It balances the color scheme and livens up the space without making the space visually overboard, maintaining a cohesive look for a homely and timeless space.

  • Marble surfaces

Marble in luxury interiors is most commonly seen in kitchens, dining tables, and living rooms. Furnishing the walls with marble makes it a focal point in a living room, while marble flooring brings elegance to the interiors.

  • Antique design touches

Striking geometry, bold jewel tones, and vintage patterns are still popular in luxury homes. Traditional sculptural decor with golden accents and metallic hints in modern furniture adds a touch of luxury and glamour. Antique wall decor can also stand out as a focal point in a living room or bedroom, adding visual interest to the space. For example, an antique or refurbished dining table with contemporary chairs is a great way to use antiques in a modern home.

  • Greenery

Greenery in interiors is prevalent in recent times, as it creates a soothing indoor ambiance. Planters significantly boost our health and well-being by removing toxins in the air and ensuring an oxygen-rich environment. It is an effective way to connect with nature, lending a sense of comfort and relaxation. Being visually dynamic, plants can bring a modern vibe to your home.