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Biophilic interior design – nurturing nature indoors

Text: Des. Hardesh Chawla, Principal, Essentia Environments, Gurugram

Architecture and interior design revolve around the experience humankind has in a built environment and its consequent effect. Hence, the design industry constantly comes up with efficient ways to make this a fulfilling experience. Owing to the technologically-advanced world that we live in, we have turned a blind eye towards our connection with nature. This has resulted in our overdependence on engineering and technology, compromising our peace of mind and well-being.

Biophilia is the intrinsic human need to connect with nature, contributing to our physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological well-being. Evolution in biophilic design is a revolutionary step towards creating an environment that boosts productivity by combining the essence of nature, wellness, and sustainability.

  • More light, more luxury

Luxury doesn’t simply incorporate high-end design and materials in our spaces but welcomes an increased sense of lightness and openness. Layered lighting is enhanced by using fixtures and fenestrations on all three axes of a volume, such as by a skylight, suspended lighting and wall-mounted and floor-inlaid scones. Maximised lighting regulates the mood, restores hormonal balance and accelerates oxytocin in our system.

  • Outdoors, but indoors

Opening up your house to nature and inculcating more open and semi-open spaces brings in freshness and greenery, thereby boosting your home’s Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra. Landscaping or gardening in the form of open courtyards, green patches or double-height spaces is also welcome in natural light. One can choose potted plants, whether shade-loving, wide-leafed or perennial.

  • Source natural materials

Live-edged raw materials add a natural feel and aesthetic to your spaces while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable living. Materials like rattan, wood, jute, clay, terracotta, cork, and corten steel age blend with naturally-sourced materials like stone, granite and marble.

  • Seize other senses

Establish a focal point such as a water feature to create light and sound effects, and maintain calm and composure. On the other hand, planters with fragrant flowers or diffusers add aromatic pleasure to your experience. Biophilic designs lower stress levels, boost creativity and enhance efficiency.