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Contemporary aesthetics for Mumbai apartment

Photography: Prashant Bhat Photography

Mumbai-based Dipttii Khanna Designs has designed the Sea Crown, which is a 3BHK apartment project spanning 1500 sq. ft. The home blends modern contemporary aesthetics with an uber-functional space, as the client wanted one that reflected splendor and magnificence. A foyer designed using mirrors and veneers leads into the main living room, which is a formal space complete with a plush couch set and a coffee table.

In the middle of the room, lies the more informal living area comprising the TV unit. While the formal setting is decked out in a contemporary grey palette, the informal seating embraces color through a brick-red sofa.  The client’s preferences did not include an exclusive dining area which allowed for two seating spaces within the living room.

On the other end, is the main highlight of this home, the bar area, which features an open-shelved bar display. A red leatherette backdrop ties in the entire space together and adds character to the room. Strategic use of lighting and a pair of high bar chairs enlivens the space. Brass accents are a common element throughout the space, bringing cohesion to the main living room. Next to the living room, an all-white kitchen features black and brass accents.

On the other side of the foyer are the two bedrooms. The son’s bedroom, designed from a teenager’s perspective, adopts a basketball-inspired theme. A gaming chair and techno-style wardrobe shutters hint at the son’s interest in gaming. This room features a cool grey and blue palette with geometric elements used on the headboard, and a similar pattern is followed for the lighting design that continues from the wall to the ceiling.

The master bedroom is designed for a polished and sophisticated ambiance with grey furnishings and veneer finishes. The headboard and the back-painted glass on the wardrobe feature the blush accent color, and similar warm tones are extended into the bathroom with royal grey finishes. An enclosed duct is converted into the shower area and is tucked away beyond the dry area. Back in the room, the vanity is highlighted by a classy, curved mirror.