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Space optimization for Mumbai office

Photography: Nisheet Dodia

Mumbai-based Naksh Design Studio has designed the Marine Lines Office, which is a commercial project spanning 250 sq. ft. Breaking away from a conventional workspace design, the project displays artwork, ample natural light, suspended ceiling lights, and Lego accessories. The client wanted a clean and functional space with patterned flooring, fluted and smoked glass, and textured laminate. One enters through a simple textured glass door with painted metal framing.

Moroccan tiled flooring is the highlight of the workspace, with a small working desk for the staff. The overhead storage is finished with laminate, with a glass partition with a flushed door leading to the cabin. Vibrant colors and playful elements are present throughout the walls, furniture, and accessories for a fun, lively, and creative atmosphere. A raw piece of wood is used as a table for a natural and rustic look, as it displays the wood grain and organic ambiance. Textured wall paint adds visual interest and depth, while the minimalist uses gypsum, grooves, and cove lighting.

Colorful printed chairs add personality and vibrance, serving as focal points to the room’s décor. A trunk is used as a center table for additional storage. The small and functional pantry utilizes the available space to maximize storage and organization, along with laminated shutters and square dado tiles. Toilets use Moroccan tiled flooring and countertop finishing, and the unfinished tiles are used on the walls. The rest of the wall is painted mint green, and a round mirror is placed above the washbasin.