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Luxury experience for Bengaluru retail

Bengaluru-based AJ Architects has designed the Crava Studio, which is a retail project selling luxury marble, quartz, and quartzite. The studio is designed as a premium space with a young ambiance, and the design concept chosen is ‘Time Collage’. This refers to a new space-time era, where elements of the past and present coexist to create a fresh and fun luxury experience.

The rectangular space is divided into two smaller spaces to create a spatial difference for different product categories and to camouflage existing columns. One enters through the wood door to see arches paneled with flutes and veneer and additional spaces between the columns are used as camouflaged storage. A wall with peach lacquered glass on the left becomes the base to display quartzite, with the smaller section dedicated to quartz. The other section houses quartzite, tiles, and merchandise available for sale.

Circular display pieces are rimmed with mild steel and copper powder coating, which are projected out from the wall with cove lighting or backlighting for translucent products. A freestanding unit next to the reception counter is rotatable for ease of display, and wood-finished SPC flooring balances the luxury stone on display. The store is designed as a neutral space with materials that highlight the luxury products in a contemporary context.