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Urban design for Moradabad restobar

New Delhi-based Chromed Design Studio has designed the Skye Rooftop Lounge in Moradabad, which is a resto-bar that caters to local entertainment. It offers both indoor and outdoor dining experiences, with a deck serving as a balcony overlooking the cityscape. An indoor and outdoor bar, cabana-style seating and elegant lighting comprise the lounge.

The indoor bar including seating, a bar and restrooms open up into a large open area revealing a stage and an adjacent outdoor bar. The mesh island bar at the centre of the terrace features a metal frame standing on six pillars with peripheral light. Large pivotal glass panels divide the indoors and outdoors, allowing diners to enjoy open views of the outdoor bar and stage. The outdoor deck provides comfortable seating with a view, further enabling them to enjoy the cityscape.

Cabanas sit on the sides of the outdoor space surrounding a circular bar, along with planters acting as green pockets. Assorted planter boxes between the seats purify the atmosphere, supplementing the minimal use of HVAC for natural ventilation and lighting. Italian marble in white and green, velvet, enamel paint and brass accents lend a premium sense to the lounge. Onyx is used for the indoor bar countertop with tropical design patterns at the base, along with the exposed ceiling painted in earthy colours with metallic ducts.

The lighting scheme includes pillars in the island bar, backlit onyx countertops, LED strips in the mirror panels and cove lighting in the cabanas. While natural bamboo lights add nature to the outdoor area, elaborate chandeliers brighten up the indoor space.